What we do.

We seamlessly connect enterprises, critical business assets, service providers, technicians, teams, security, payments and deep analytics, with a swipe of your fingers.

We simplify asset management and vendor management in geographically dispersed, multi-unit enterprises -- hotels, restaurants, hospitals, commercial & residential buildings -- so you can get stuff done, faster, and smarter, with a touch of button.

We amplify foresight, your ability to anticipate events before they occur, so you can focus on what really matters, delivering the best customer experience.


Manage critical business Assets

Schedule on-demand repair or routine maintenance — all in a snap. Look up user guides, manuals, warranty status or repair history.

Is it under warranty? Last service date? Serial number? Model name? Service providers? Current rates? We got you covered.

Automatic escalation of critical events based on your business rules. Eliminate sticky notes, messy spreadsheets, and voice mails to monitor critical store incidents. Work smarter, not harder.

Manage Trusted Service Providers

Set up preferred service providers, service levels, pre-negotiated rates, service warranty, and standardized service level agreements (SLA). 

Automatic verification of technician credentials, including liability insurance, licenses, certifications and reputation before every job.

Manage service orders, invoices, and payments. Automatically export the data to your financial systems.

Know who will do the repair, when, and approved estimates, before they arrive. Automatic check-in before the job and verified check-out upon completion to your satisfaction.


All the analytics you need.

View enterprise analytics data or drill down to a unit level. Practical decision support tools, anytime, anywhere -- at the touch of a button.

Mean time between equipment repairs?  Service order response time by vendor or reputation?  Analysis by repair codes? The cost of downtime? Why did the same job cost more at location X vs. Y? 

Service from vendors that you have always trusted and now, the insight you have always wanted.  

Finally, a powerful app that puts in control.


We care deeply about making your life easier.  That's why we deliver smart, easy to use, affordable and, down to earth solutions to help manage critical day to day business operations.

We didn't invent your products, customers or their interactions with your business.  But, we are reinventing customer experiences, everyday!  

Every time we've made something simpler, it's made things easier for the people we serve. 

“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.”
— Albert Einstein